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"As one of the country’s most highly rated and reviewed massage therapists and Managing Partner of one of the top day spas in the world, Nusta Spa, Brad has massaged queens and ambassadors, as well as Hall of Fame entertainers and athletes (Brad is a consultant for the NFL Players Association on Health and Wellness care).  He has created a new massage form that has revolutionized the approach to deep tissue which the founder of the Aspen Back Institute has endorsed as "...the future of Therapeutic Massage...".  Brad has traveled the world as a massage consultant and CE Approved Provider instructor in his new form of massage therapy, working with spas and Physical Therapy offices - which includes the Auberge Group, Exhale Spas, and Restore Motion Therapy, among others.   He has helped develop and launch several spas as part of this consultation, and has recently been approached by a hospital in DC regarding researching the applications of his Delta Wave Massage technique with regards to injury recovery and pain management.  Brad has been licensed to perform massage in the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Virginia, has worked as the Program Director for a massage college, is certified in First Aid & CPR, and is an NCBTMB certified Continuing Education provider."

Brad is certified by the NCBTMB to offer video versions of his live courses in Pulse Wave Massage (5 CE) and Delta Wave Massage (7 CE) technique and theory.

Brad is certified by the NCBTMB to teach his live courses in Delta Wave Massage (7 CE), Pulse Wave Massage (5CE) and Interpretive Touch (15CE)


In addition to successfully managing the world class Nusta Spa – the country’s first gold star eco-spa - for the past 10 years, Brad has helped several spas around the country set-up, train, and launch their massage departments.  He offers these services to aid in your venture.

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"Brad moved to NYC in 1991 after graduating with a degree in Music Theater and was fortunate enough to land a role with his first Broadway audition (Grand Hotel).  Until 2006, Brad toured the world performing such roles as “Raoul” in Phantom of the Opera, “Smokey” in Damn Yankees, “Rocky Horror” in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Fyedka” in Fiddler on the Roof, “Freddie” in Chess, and most recently, “Gaylord Ravenal” in Cape Town Opera's production of Showboat (where he met his wife, Melani).  Brad has starred next to such award-winning legends as Theodore Bikel, Lilianne Montevecchi, Delee Lively, Tony Randall, and Jarrod Emick, and has been directed by giants in the industry such as Hal Prince and Tommy Tune.  Most recently, you may have seen Brad performing around the DC metro area with the classic rock band, Point of Rock."








"Brad began his writing career early in life – his first work of fiction being a short story called “The Bionic Baby” written at the age of 10.  Three years later, he won the prestigious Pegasus Poetry Award when his English teacher secretly submitted his work for consideration.  The following year, Brad wrote his first song.  Writing has always been an emotional release valve for him, and a place where he can live out ideas and wrestle problems through the experiences of the characters he creates.  Brad is a published poet, and has written theatrical and commercial scripts for churches, schools, and theaters.  Also, Brad has been asked to write content for several health magazines. He is currently working on two novels, a musical, and a book of short stories.  Brad has also written massage manuals and classroom curriculum."


Brad has experience in writing musicals, plays, and commercial voice overs used by churches, schools, and colleges around the country, and he offers this literary service to aid in your venture.  Please click below for a sample of a one act play that was performed at Ithaca College.


Brad is an award winning poet who has published a book of poems that is available on most retail sites ( Brad is also a lyricist and offers both these literary services to aid in your venture.  Please click below for two excerpts from his book of poetry (signed copies are available for purchase).


One advantage that Brad brings to non-fiction authorship of manuals, text books, instruction guides, etc is the color and attention holding qualities found in a writer of fiction’s style.  This is vital to successfully conveying information to students and employees.  Brad offers these literary services to aid in your venture.  Please click below for a non-fictional short story.


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