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A Revolution in Massage
 Rethinking Traditional Deep Tissue Techniques

In a state of deep relaxation, known for Delta Wave brain activity, critical physical and emotional healing processes occur. This includes the production of immune system components, cancer-fighting proteins, memory consolidation, and growth hormone production. Massage can induce this state, but deep tissue techniques causing pain can hinder it, suppressing essential healing processes.

These traditional deep massages may offer temporary relief but at the cost of inhibiting vital healing. It's crucial to explore alternatives that achieve the same effectiveness without compromising the client's overall well-being, reevaluating the end result

against the means employed. 

“... Anyone who has received a traditional deep tissue massage that was the antithesis of relaxation because of the intense pain employed during the massage session NEEDS to read this book...”

-Michael Gallien, Former Dean of Faculty at International School of Massage

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